As a business owner or marketer, it can be very frustrating when your sales and traffic don’t match up to the effort all you’ve put in. You work long hours carefully choosing keywords, studying analytics and tweaking your content, only for it to make no difference in the end. Most of the time, these poor results are due to a lack of effort, but a lack of resources and time. We know where you’re coming from.

Gone are the days when all that was required for good SEO were a few keywords in the title tags and copy and a handful of backlinks. Google has refined its algorithm because users have grown more savvy.

Google has gotten much more sophisticated in recent years because its users have. Users require better, faster results from Google, just like your clients want better, more efficient service from you.This means that your SEO strategy has to be on-point if you want to stay competitive and bring in significant traffic. You have to constantly adapt and change to keep your website desirable to the world’s largest search engines because this is how customers find you

That’s precisely why we’ve spent the last 13 years developing a strategy that has turned marketing zeros into marketing heroes. It’s called the Five Pillar SEO Approach, and it can turn years of SEO depression and defeat into conversion victory.

Our plan provides, simple, effective, actionable steps that will take you to your goal in no time at all. We create specific plans that you can use to take your business were you want it to go.


More organic qualified traffic from search engines

Decreased cost of lead or sale

Higher marketing ROI


The five SEO pillars work together to give you quick results while supporting long-term traffic and conversion growth. Initially by optimizing your existing site for conversions and search engines you will see a rapid and significant boost in traffic and visitor engagement. In order to sustain these results long-term, your website must be supported with quality, engaging content that attracts the right prospects and keeps them coming back. To continue multiplying traffic and search rankings, you must also prove to the search engines that your website is valuable and trustworthy. We do this by building authority through quality citation and backlink development, in addition to promoting your content to influencers in order to build social credibility.

Together, the five pillars work to optimize your website using keywords and quality content. This creates results in both the short and long term. You will see results initially, and the site will be primed for continued traffic and growth in the future. Part of future growth is showing search engines that your site is relevant and trustworthy. Trustworthiness comes from building deep backlinks and developing quality citations. You do this by featuring excellent content that attracts the right kinds of traffic and keeps users engaged and coming back for more. It also includes specific on marketing to influencers to establish a social network and credibility.

Content Development is crucial for building traffic and making sales

Well-crafted content is the key to turning visitors into customers. The content we produce for your business is designed to deliver the critical information visitors want, when and how they want it. You can start seeing results in as little as a few months, depending on the kind of wanted you want and your willingness to publish it. Be advised that results may take longer if you’re running a non-authoritative site.For maximum impact on organic traffic, there’s SEO & Website Optimization. Results come especially fast if your site is already authoritative and populated with a considerable amount of existing content. You need constant updates of your website’s infrastructure and key pages in order to keep up with the ever-demanding, relevance-focused search engines. By targeting new keyword phrases, optimizing new and existing content,and tweaking the site’s structure, we keep your website fresh for the search engines and maximize your visibility to potential customers.

Authority Building

Authority Building is our process of building backlinks and distributing off-site content around the Web. This creates content ubiquity, which amplifies and reinforces the on-site work that we do. Developing thoughtful links on high-traffic sites, building a social media presence through today’s most popular mediums and marketing your content to other sites shows customers that your brand is trustworthy, authoritative and highly relevant. Potential clients and visitors will believe the message that your company is a great one because they see that message on websites other than yours. Authority building creates higher search engine rankings and better traffic.

Search engines and social media

Marketing through search engines and social media is an efficient way to build more traffic and authority. It builds your reputation and encourages site users to engage with your website. To achieve this, we get into contact with your fields’ most influential entities and encourage them to feed your content to their customer base. In this way, we find the pockets of the online world where your market hangs out. This enables us to get your content directly in front of them and makes it easy for them to share with other potential customers. By getting your content directly into the hands of the right people, we maximize your visibility, targeted search traffic and, ultimately, your conversions.

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